Rwanda. 1996. Two years after the main genocide in his country, Eli Mushengezi, a thirteen-year-old boy, in an emotional letter remembers Father Karoli, the Mercedarian friar who rescued him from the terrible rain of bombs and gunshots. He is only one of the numerous victims or the war, one of the thousands of people rescued by the humanitarian work of missionaries in Rwanda and Burundi. Almost thirty years later, Elí decides to undertake an exciting journey to the Spanish parish where his friend is currently the priest. And he is not alone. Some of the missionaries who were part of that expedition to African lands come with him. This adventure began in 1968 with Fray Mateo Goyenaga, Fray Pablo Ruiz, Fray Germán Suárez and Fray Gregorio Dafonte. Now, fifty years later, the missionaries meet again in a reunion full of tenderness and hope, giving us a sincere and real testimony about the work of the Mercedarian missions. In 1994 the one hundred and sixty Spanish missionaries displaced in Rwanda and Burundi won the prestigious “Prince of Asturias” Prize.

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